Sunday, March 1, 2009

Family Adventuring

We've been back home for a month now after our amazing adventures bicycling the Pacific Coast last summer and then living and learning in Mexico for a semester. Our family adventuring usually focuses on new experiences, living outside, and time together. This last trip we got to add months more time, another country, and a new language to the mix.

While on various backpacking, bicycling, kayaking and travel adventures over the years, we have met couples considering having kids who tell us we're an inspiration, older folks who travelled when their kids were young who said the experience was invaluable, and families who wonder how they could possibly adventure together. This makes me want to spend time with those wondering families, encouraging them to start wherever they are and head out adventuring together.

One way to do such encouraging and mentoring is virtually. This Traveling Simply blog of our family adventuring stories will be dormant for a little while, and I will be encouraging others through a new blog on family adventuring info, tips, and thoughts. Hope you can check it out, add your questions and ideas, and help build a community of adventuring families sharing inspiration and resources, trip ideas and gear info, plus do-it-yourself knowledge and a story or two.

And if family adventuring doesn't describe your interests right now, please pass the new blog info on, and check back here later for new Traveling Simply stories.