Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Our week in San Diego involves shifting from bicycling trip mode to living in Mexico mode. The transition means adjusting the clothing and gear we have with us, trading bike panniers for backpacks, reviewing some basic Spanish, and adding books.

Several sources have said it is difficult to locate English language books in Mexico, so we went to secondhand bookstores to load up for 10 or 25 cents a book. (Added a few new books as well, but only one hardback - The Magician, sequel to The Alchemist, which everyone read on the bike trip.) How many books will the four of us, typically pretty voracious readers, want to read while in Mexico? Heading into a completely new adventure, that is yet another aspect we cannot exactly predict.

With my sister, we have visited the San Diego zoo, the community pool that has a huge water slides, the beach for another round of boogie boarding, the horse lady in the neighborhood so Dana and cousin Alexi could ride, and the three cousins have had plenty of play time. Meanwhile we're packing up the tandems to send home by Greyhound bus, cleaning and sorting the camping gear, wrapping up details (checking on the boy we hired to mow our lawn at home, purchasing shuttle tickets to get us to the Tijuana airport), and deciding where we will pack all those books.

While it is bittersweet to let go of the bicycling, we're excited to shift to Mexico. And if you have a teen or want a little young adult literature, I'd recommend my friend Jennifer Bradbury's novel SHIFT, a well-told tale of two boys who bicycle across the United States after they graduate from high school and a mystery when one of them doesn't return.

We fly south Sep 4, and will return to the States in January with stories to tell and (I hope!) conversational Spanish. Once I've navigated an internet connection in Guanajuato, I'll be able to report on settling in there.  Meanwhile, we wish everyone well with their September transitions as back-to-school, work, and weather changes shift us all.


SirenMoon said...

I'll look up the book for Max - perhaps he'll enjoy it. Looking forward to hearing more of your advenures in Mexico!

wildelg said...

I'm so proud of you all! Way to go! Thanks for the blog, as I love living vicariously through you guys.

I'll check out "Shift" too, maybe my book club would enjoy it.

Our bike camping trip to Larrabee went well. We had to walk through Arroyo Park most of the way because the trailer was too wide for the trail, we took the road home, but we had a great time and I'm enjoying the feeling of accomplishment after each trip. The boys had a great time climbing, exploring trails, and just before sleep, we listened to some kind of canine capture and eat some kind of very loud rodent. It sounded like it was feet from the tent, and none of us was brave enough to shine the flashlight out of the tent to actually identify the animals. I'm already planning our bike camp trips next year! Thanks for being such an inspiration and congratulations to the gold medalists.