Thursday, December 25, 2008

Celebrating Christmas Where the 1960's Never End

After the all night bus ride from Oaxaca City to the Oaxacan Coast at Puerto Angel, we went in search of beach camping and found a spot at Shambala. A groovy enclave on the clothing optional end of the beach, the sign pledging to "always welcome flower children" also proclaims it is a place "where the 60's never end." And yes, there are folks doing early morning nude yoga on the beach.

We started camping under a palapa (palm-thatched roof) at beach level, but after a few nights moved up, literally, to about forty feet above the beach for a fantastic view, more shade, and a quieter spot. Now we alternate days boogie boarding at Zipolite with days snorkeling at Playa Panteon, the next beach south.  I think the fish with electric blue mascara was saying hello to me yesterday. There are also bright yellow sunfish the size of dinner plates schooling around, tiger striped fish, pipefish, and lots of types with glowing shades of blue. I think there's another family poem in our snorkeling experience (see last blog) but we haven't captured it yet.
We got to spend a day with a Canadian family who had similar aged kids which was fun for all, and plan to head north a little ways to visit a turtle sanctuary before we return to Oaxaca City in the last days of December. Meanwhile, we're trying a different restaurant every day, getting fruit and snacks at the local market, wandering the area on foot, and trying to stay out of the sun during the burning rays hours of 10-2.

On Christmas eve, Shambala's owner hosted a unity dinner for all, and even gave out gifts. Dana received earrings and a beaded necklace and Noah got a shark's tooth necklace.  With his blond longish hair and boogie boarding prowess, he very much looks like a surfer guy here. Christmas was small things in the tent's gear loft, a stroll down the beach, and a plan to go skinny dipping tonight. 
Wishing you health, peace, and new adventures this holiday season.  Take care.


Llew said...

Dear Dana, Noah, Tom, and Laural, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas and Bright Solstice to each of you. We are in the melting tundra snows now, after getting 12 - 18 inches over our yard, front and back. Wanda has been hibernating. I have always loved those colored fish that zoom, having only seen them in pictures or at aquariums, so say hello to one for me, and good swimming, and good surfing. That warm water looks grand, as do you. Love, Llew and Vonnie

SirenMoon said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I would love, love, LOVE to visit Shambala sometime. Erik's view of Mexico is so different from the one you have shared with us. I'd love for him to see first-hand that Mexico is a country rich with culture and history. Feliz Navidad and a Happy Solstice to you (from the arctic tundra of the Barkley neibourhood).

The Public Me said...

Hello and happy holidays! The entire Mexico experience sounds wonderful -- and quite different than what those of us on the 49th parallel are experiencing! Jade and I are at my Mum's on Vancouver Island where the snow is currently about 1 1/2 feet deep and it's still snowing! The snow is a little bit wet, making it perfect for snowballs. While we're having fun up here, I could sure handle a little boogie boarding right about now! Take care, Mark.
P.S. Noah, you'll be pleased to hear that my mandolin skills are improving over the course of these dark winter nights...

Auntie M said...

A late Feliz Navidad!
An ocean away of land
Yoga in the sand,nude,fishlike.

Surfing, snorkeling, camping, swimming

Life each day, a new beginning!
Treasure now, you miracle ones,
See you in Michigan for lots more funs! Love, Aunt Margaret

Christine said...

Dear Dana, Noah, Tom and Laural,
is ist so impressing to read your reports and so good to see all the interesting pictures of you!
A lot of greetings from Germany,
take care


Lauren said...

Hola Ringlers!
I miss you guys SO much,and hope you had an awesome Christmas. With no Noah to give me fudge this year, what will I do? Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!

wildelg said...

What a great new way to spend the Christmas holiday!