Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Dana and Noah

Good Morning,

We got on the AMTRAK train in Bellingham yesterday morning. Traveled to
Portland, walked around and got ice cream. Then got on the train and rode to Eugene, Oregon. It was late when we got there. Picture A shows my dad as he got off the train. We got our tandem bikes and all of our stuff off the train - please see
picture B.

They met us with a van and a big white pickup to carry our bicycles.

We drove about 45 minutes, and now it was very, very late. I slept well in a futon
bed upstairs at the Jane & Quentin Holmes' house. I slept in! We are in a house
with tall rooms. It is located out in the woods on the Mohawk River. This morning
we ate a delicious breakfast.

Tomorow we will start out on our tandem bicycles for the Oregon Coast. Dad and
Mon are figuring our a route that will travel along paved roads that belong to the
Forest Service.


P.S. Noah recorded his impressions of travel so far, see the link at right to his audio posts on his wikispace.


Lauren said...

It was fun to see you zipping down to the train station on Monday morning while I was on my walk. It sounds like your adventure is starting out well. We are headed to Waldron tomorrow for a few days. Shannon and Kerry are coming along but Lauren is going to the Folk Life festival in Vancouver. Take lots of pictures! Jennie and the Pittis family!

just me said...

Good luck and no sore muscles! We will continue to send you thoughts of great weather and smooth roads. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Andi, Steve, Sarah & Lee