Saturday, July 26, 2008

Observations on 370 Miles Pedaled from Eugene, OR to Arcata, CA

We (tandems, gear, and people) weigh 680 pounds. Two different truck weigh stations confirmed it.

Eugene was pavement-melting hot, much of the Oregon coast was wear-all-your-layers chilly and windy. Kite-flying weather. Today California is sunny-yahoo.

Dana's wildlife count includes a rough-skinned newt (They're orange on their underside), the tail end of a baby black bear, elk, sea lions ("they look like sausages" she reported from our cliffside riding viewpoint), a raccoon family, an evening with hundreds of pelicans, and some red-hot colored crawfish.
More than one hill has been 50minutes of pedalling in the lowest gear - but then there's those multiple miles of downhill. Tom's bike's top land speed record so far = 49.3 mi/hr.

Riding among the Redwoods, why pedal - just look around at the amazingly huge giant trees and breathe.

Even if you only need 58cents worth of gas (high octane, for the campstove), you can't pump it yourself in Oregon. "Don't touch that"said the attendant to the arm-outstretched Tom.

Noah's trading books at the 'take one, leave one' campground shelves, recently left Star Wars: In Mandolorian Armor for Jurassic Park.

Our kids on beaches = lots of holes dug and waves jumped.

We're changing up tandem partners every day. Less complaints about mom not going fast enough on the downhills.

Best campsite = too hard to call. The Redwoods Park backcountry freebie down a half-mile mountain bike trail, with a sunny seastacked beach?
We're having fun, and also looking forward to riding with our pals Mark and Jade starting at the Golden Gate Bridge on Aug 4. Who knows what else is up ahead?


khoelsch said...

Go Team Go! We're keeping an eye on the neighborhood for you.
Karen, Chuck, Elena, and Sadie

Mark said...

Looks and sounds fantastic! Jade and I are totally stoked to be joining you -- only one more week till we fly into San Fran!

amy said...

So exciting to read, see and hear about your adventures (without the sore backside!) Can't wait to see you all in person. Alexi was in tears tonight because she "missed Dana so much." Pedal faster! ;) Be safe. xoxo- Amy

Martha said...

Hey guys! Great to read your words. Glad it is going well. We are following along on a map.

Missing you here in Bham. Chautauquas on Lummi Is and at Boulevard park were great. Cathy's house warming lacked only you. Quick night out along the Nooksack River Sat night with some girls was restful and fun. You are with us in spirit.

Keep on pedaling - M

Springboard said...

So glad to hear it's been a good adventure. Colin is heartily practicing on his drums, ready to fill in at the next gig.

Can't wait to see you in pics! Fills my heart knowing you are following this path. Trek on, my friends!
- Darcy, James, and Colin

TomWart said...

I went back to the April postings to get up-to-date with the whole adventure. Rather than "weird" I think it's "grand"! Too bad more parents can't co-educate alongside their children. Remember you're heading SOUTH -- it's all downhill! Keep us posted. Tom Wartelle

Gruman D said...

Hello Bikers!

I enjoyed reading the latest observations from your miles along the coast. Keep them coming! Since you did not speak about smoke or danger, I assume that the fires in California are completely contained?! There are many here with "biking fever" including Jenny and Sarah who joined the ranks of the brand-spanking-new bike owners in the past week. They plan to bike the 542 Ride along with Peg, Muriel and me(drooling over their sweet paintjobs and carbon components--let me hear you say, Yah!)

Pete and I are in a funk now that the Tour de France has ended! We were taping it each morning and then watching it before going to bed--a perfect completion to each day--beautiful France, courageous riding and then somebody gets on the podium and holds up the bouquet and stuffed lion as the band plays. I rested easy each night for three weeks (after my adreneline levels returned to normal). Now we will have to wait another couple of weeks until the Olympics start and we can watch the action on CBC.

Keep enjoying the pace and peace. Love to all of you!! Diana

Betsy said...

Awesome! This is so great. Thanks for the wonderful update. I'm cheering for you!
Betsy from Village Books

Llew said...

I enjoy your blogs and am getting ready to try the audio ones, Noah. We'll see if I can figure it out. Your trip sounds delicious. Vonnie would say, especially the rootbeer float. Me, the cheese. We have a friend in northern California (if you peddal back): address 1717 Thunderbird Drive, McKinleyville, CA 95519 ogibe 707 616-9326, name Roxan. She was one of the friends in Ashland for our seeing of plays that were fine ; "Midsummer", the best I have seen. When you wrote of Arcata area, that's her area, so I pass this on. We think of you on the road, with your muscles, tans, and sights. Love, Llew

Laural Ringler said...

Thanks for all the comments - it is great to hear from you and know you're thinking of us!