Monday, August 4, 2008

Just Add Water

While the Eel River may sound not so yummy, we found that it had several choice swimming holes. Dana spent a couple hours in the river-rock smooth bottomed Eel at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area - where we were charged $6 to camp.

After another hilly day, we were still along the Eel and found an amazing sandy beach swimming hole, with the requisite quarry-like rock wall for cliff jumping. Tom got in on that (but not from as high as the local teens) and both kids jumped in from maybe 10 feet up. Laural just swam until the sun went down behind the cliffs and then we treked back up to the hiker-biker camp (where there was lots of company, 5 other folks also traveling the coast).

The kids have also swum at the Eureka KOA (handy to have them in their swimsuits while we laundered everything else), and gotten completely soaked in the Pacific waves. Those crashers are loud and taller than they are, so it has deterred them actually swimming.

We're applying lots of sunscreen, have passed the 700 miles cycled mark, and make sure we add water to the itinerary almost every day. Noah says he updated his audio blogs, and next computer time will figure out how to organize them!


Llew said...

O.K., so my comment got one the one further down, where there were 8 comments, and now 9 with mine. Your trip sounds wonderful. Seeing slowly and well is the best way. Peddal well, sleep well, and snack all the local stuff. Your descriptions of food made me hungry for the road and stands. Llew (and Vonnie, who is at work).

johnandafroz said...

Dear Tom, Laural, Noah, Dana,

This is John and Afroz checking in after getting back from India (via Michigan). We went to MI for a few days and just got back to NC. Saw the Grease JR DVD and enjoyed it. Went to the A2 farmers market to get good stuff for the Indian dinner at Ben's (hot peppers and eggplant). Ran into Opa and Nana there. Had great Michigan sweet corn the next day. OK, gotta go. Sounds like you are having fun.
Love, peace, and kinetic energy.
Afroz and John