Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Road Giveth and the Ocean Taketh Away

One game we play while bicycling is noting the items on the roadside and imagining them, found materials art-style, to be building a scarecrow. We saw a shirt and a hat to begin with, many gloves (an octopus-armed scarecrow?) and socks, and the winner for multiples - towels. Dana decided that the scarecrow would be a girl with a full skirt made of towels. We've seen shoes (including a set of hiking boots and a single orange leopard print knee-high boot) and now we picture our scarecrow to have a similarly outfitted family and be in a living room (due to all the furniture seen, including a wooden chair next to a No Dumping sign) crocheting (red yarn, looked like a potholder).

Of course some found items, like shells at the seashore, catch our fancy in that we can use them on our venture, so we decide whether their owners could possibly return for them or we should clean up the roadside a little. We stopped for a pair of cycling leg warmers and another day for a set of long-fingered gloves (usually you just see singles), and are thinking a bun
gy cord will come our way (you see lots of them, so we're picky and are waiting for one that wouldn't interrupt a screaming downhill).

The ocean, on the other hand, grabbed Noah's glasses when a big wave surprised him. The adults on the beach ran into the water to effect a search of the area, both Tom and our friend Glen (who had come over from Palo Alto with his family) forgetting they had cell phones in their pockets. The ocean then claimed both. Well, we have the phones but ours has an interesting design of water droplets and salt crystals in the display.

So today we thank Migahm/Anne, Denny, and Midori for their hospitality, and pedal on with Mark and Jade (who joined us in San Francisco) to Monteray to find the Lenscrafters that can help Noah see better. We'll be back on the road, and cycling beside the ocean, appreciating both.


Shady522 said...

Hi Guys! Your trip still sounds wonderful even if the ocean did claim some precious items. I hope you will find some new items to replace the old. We ALL miss you SOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! Keep in touch! I am constantly looking forward to reading your blog and watching (and listening) the podcasts. Thanks for the postcard Noah!

Llew said...

Hi there, An Annie note: while Alex is vacationing up in Canada some, we are seeing Annie twice a day for petting, H2O, and food, and more petting. Her favorite is the stomach,chest,chin rub, followed by the heavy duty head massage. We are enjoying hearing on the blog. Just think, Noah, some beachcomber will find your glasses and they will be a treasure. I have a pair in my finding. When I was your age, mine got flushed down the toilet, and my parents never did quite believe that that could be an accident. Seeing in impressionism can be interesting, just think VanGogh. Love, Llew

Springboard said...

So you've been on the road almost a month now (tomorrow will be that day) and we hear Tom's name just about daily from Colin's mouth. Tomorrow we are going to Guitar Center for a special outing and I'm just sure that Colin will spend the entire time singing Maggie's Fury songs while playing on the biggest, most expensive kit there. Then, chances are, he'll talk about Tom, and "Is Tom home from Mexico yet?" It's going to be a few more months, and he knows you are home after Christmas. Then, we'll surely be hitting you up for drum kit lessons. We looked all through the West Music catalog; all those beautiful instruments, and he didn't like a single one. Instead, he grabbed the Guitar Center flyer that showed up the same day, turned to the back and to a teeny picture of a red kit, and said: "That's what I want". Sigh. I guess he's a born drummer, and I mean with sticks.

We miss you guys very, very much. And as everyone feels who is reading your blogs, grateful that we can live slightly vicariously through your adventures. Thanks so much for sharing. I just reread all the blogs, realizing that what you are doing is so amazing! And maybe, just maybe, we will be able to say to a "Is Tom home from Mexico?" question, a resounding YES!

Blessings to all of you, and thinking of you daily.