Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visiting 100 b.c.

With our weekend Nissan Tsuru rental, camping gear in the trunk, and a sort-of-accurate road map, we headed towards our first pyramids at Tula.  Three hours later we presented our student cards at the Zona Archeologia sign, and were waved through with no charge.  Turns out kids and students are given free entrance to not just museums, but archeological sites.  What a great country.

Tom read from the Archeological Mexico guidebook about the ancient ball courts and Toltec warriors, we clambered around the pyramids with Mexican families, and Dana picked out a ceramic whistle or flauta to bring home.  Then it was on to the town of San Juan Teotihuacan to locate the campground Tom found on the Internet.  With one missed toll road junction we got there a little after dark, but campground owner Mina was happy to see us.  And we were happy to see a huge section of thick green grass - very unusual in Mexico, at least in our experience.

Sunday morning was chilly, but we got going by 9am, with only a slight delay due to Tom being pulled over for going the wrong way on a one-way street.  The policeman checked our documents with a severe expression, but then waved us off.  We were car #5 in the parking lot at Teotihuacan, gained free entrance again, and were up Piramide del Sol shortly after.

We spent the rest of the day wandering the ruins, talking about what the city might have been like when it was thriving back in 100 b.c. to 700 a.d., climbing the pyramids, and taking direction from Noah, who was getting footage for his next film.  I'm sure it will be posted soon on  Yes, he talked me into getting him a URL of his own.
Teotihuacan was amazing.  Until you can catch a glimpse of it in a future Fringlerfilm, you can check out our photos.

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Llew said...

What an experience you are having. And I have to give out this tid bit: when I was 17, on a three week trip in Mexico, I climbed the very pyramids that you did. Amazing. We got the entries for the Gingerbread Contest today. Made us think of you, and, yes, Vonnie is waiting for your return, Dana, for the Eifel. I look forward to Noah's film. Miss you all, envy you all. Have more great adventures. Llew