Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodbye Pink Bathroom, Hello Fish Sink

Our apartment with the colorful city view has been exchanged for a two-room casita that looks out towards La Bufa, our neighborhood cross atop a rocky hill.  The apartment was a great place to land in Guanajuato, and helped us get acclimated.  I remember on our very first day when I looked at the microwave, and realized that I really was in a new land.  Of course the start button would say "inicio" and the stop/pause button would say "borrar/parar."  I just didn't know those words yet.

Similarly, the apartment taught us that the sink knob labeled "C" gets you hot water, not cold, because "C" is for caliente (hot).  Retooling other habits sometimes took a little longer.  Dana ended up making signs for the bathrooms that said, "Don't drink the water" and "Put the toilet paper in the waste basket."  And still we would forget sometimes.

But now we've got it, and we also got used to the apartment's restroom choices: the pink bathroom or the blue bathroom. The former might well be named Queen Barbie's Beauty Palace, just as a character named her room in Broken For You by Stephanie Kallos, which Tom and I just read.  The blue bathroom became Noah's domain, after Dana was grossed out by the way he left the sink and jumped ship to the pink bathroom off the adults' bedroom.

In the new house, we're sharing one bathroom, and it has an amazing fish sink, so I'm sure Noah won't leave it toothpaste streaked.  The casita of the amazing view has outdoor space to play in, Internet service, a loft bed for Dana, is quiet, and is in the same neighborhood - just over the hill from the apartment.  We're enjoying the change, yet glad that the kids' school is still close, and we can still see the neighborhood folks like Carlos, Tom's buddy who sells barbecued chicken in the afternoons.  So if you asked us what's new for November, I might just have to say that it's goodbye pink bathroom and hello fish sink.


Llew said...

That's a great sink, and as you know, we love notes in the bathroom. Remember ours to warn people of the tug boat under the house noise? It's fall here with the leaves cascading down. I had to rake some in the back so that Wanda wouldn't be leaving her wake behind her in browns and yellows. We think of all of you and will sing some carols for you at Christmas. Vonnie is practicing. I loved those cascading photos, and all the altar objects. And the colors. Llew

scott said...

We often think of all of you... (especially when we see people riding around town on bicycles). I'm sure there will be many fantastic stories to hear upon your return. It's fun for me to see pictures of the city, I think I was there 8 years ago and I have many fond memories of my week there, some not SO fond...(think drinking the water). Say hi to las Mummias for me. Aili says hi to Noah and Dana and of course Diane and I wish you the best...

bookworm said...

Hi there---this might be pretty random, but I'm the editor of Stephanie Kallos's BROKEN FOR YOU, and I was thrilled to see that you mentioned her book here on your blog. (great blog, btw!) Wanted to let you know that her excellent new novel, SING THEM HOME, is coming out soon, and I'd be glad to send you a complementary copy if you tell me where to send it. Otherwise, you can always pick it up at your local bookstore once you're home. Safe travels, and happy reading!

All best,
Lauren Wein

PS: I spent an idyllic week in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato a couple of years ago--wish i could be there right now!

The Johannessens said...

As your travels wind down we prepare for our own journey. It's been great following you through your blog and it's helped all of us be inspired for our trip. Look forward to seeing you all upon our return to Bellingham in early March. Lily, Miles and Jim all say hi!
Best of luck with your transition back, enjoy the skiing that we will miss and check us out in South America at

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